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We love to explain things! If you have a question about an application or product please do not hesitate to contact us and we will post the answer here in text, video or as diagram.

Below are links to some of our "How to" answers to popular questions.

Our diagrams are in PDF format with links to the corresponding products.

"How to change the Search Engine in Firefox?" See the video below:

PDF on How to connect iPhone 4S or iPad 2nd and 3rd generation to TV or other display.

PDF on How to connect Apple TV.

PDF on How to record IP Cameras on analog video recorders.

PDF on How to Convert HDMI to VGA. This diagram shows you how to use the HDMI to VGA converter with an Apple TV.

PDF on How to Convert HDMI to Regular Video. This diagram shows you many of the HDMI input sources and regular video equipment that you can use with the HDMI to Video converter.

PDF on How to send Stereo Audio over long distances. This diagram illustrates the distances and products you can combine to send stereo audio over long distances.

PDF on How to change the Search Engine on your iPhone and iPad. Now that Apple is dumping Google Search on the iPhone 5 it is time for you to also get rid of Google Search on your iPhone 4 and iPads!

What is AirPlay? AirPlay is the term used by Apple for the wireless streaming of audio and video between certain Apple Products and the Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3. For instance, when your iPad 2 is on the same network as your Apple TV 2 you can stream what you have on your iPad2 screen to the TV that your Apple TV 2 is connected to. Since the Apple TV 2 only has HDMI output you can connect to TV or other displays that have HDMI. However, you can also connect to projectors, LCD Monitors, and regular televisions with HDMI to VGA and HDMI to Video converters.

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