S-Video to BNC adapter in Male-to-Female version.

S-Video to BNC Adapter Male to Female
S-Video to BNC Adapter Male to Female

S-Video to BNC Adapter Male to Female
SV-BNC-MF Adapter.

This cable features an S-Video male (4-pin mini DIN) to a BNC female connector.

  • Male S-Video Plug (4-pin mini DIN)
  • Female BNC Jack
  • Measures 2 inches, end-to-end
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Enclosed in a metal case.

  • Since this adapter requires another cable to complete the connection, signal loss can occur with certain cheap cables. Please note that most cables with BNC connectors are sold with 50 ohm BNC connectors instead of 75 ohm connectors. A 50 ohm BNC connector will cause an impedance mismatch that could result in a degradation of signal. Consider our precision 75 ohm Hi Definition Video Coax cables molded in the USA with 75 ohm BNC connectors.

    Check out our S-Video to RCA adapter for a straight-shot solution for going FROM an S-Video source to a composite video destination. The "S-Video to RCA" was optimized to go from S-Video to RCA and will result in a superior picture than a bi-directional convertor.

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