Hollywood Plus 7-Pin to RCA and S-Video. ---------------------

Hollywood S-Video and RCA
Hollywood S-Video and RCA

The ultimate adapter for the Sigma Designs REALMagic Hollywood Plus DVD/MPEG-2 Playback cards (and their OEM cards) and for Creative's DXR3 cards.

It features a "straight-shot" design:

- On one end a male 7-Pin connector that plugs into your H+.

- The other end has a standard S-Video connector (4-pin mini DIN) AND a standard RCA plug.

- Measures 12 ft.

This configuration allows you to connect the H+ to your S-Video TV AND/OR your standard TV/VCR that only has the yellow RCA video-in jacks. If you need to go to a TV that only has a coax input then add our Video & Audio RF Modulator below.

The straight shot design minimizes signal loss since you do not need to connect more cables. However, if you need to go a longer distance, you can add our Video and S-Video cables below.

This adapter is only for the H+ and Creative's DXR3 Cards. If you need a 7-pin connector for your Mac or PC, see our "S-Video to RCA MM" adapters.

Our "S-Video to RCA" adapter below will also work with your H+, even though it only has 4 pins, it will fit your H+ card allowing you to use S-Video setting of the H+ cards.

If you want to connect your H+ to a TV that has a SCART input for composite video, then, also purchase our SCART adapter below.

If you connect your H+ via an "S-Video Cable to SCART" adapter (that you purchased someplace else) and your telly does not support S-Video, you will get a black and white picture, since the pin-outs for S-Video and composite video are different on a SCART adapter. :(

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