7-pin to RCA S-Video to Composite Converter For Sigma Designs.

Hollywood-Sigma 7-pin to RCA
Hollywood-Sigma 7-pin to RCA
Item# HW7S-RCA

S-Video to RCA Composite Converter Cable.

This is the name given by SigmaDesigns to this adapter. It really is a misnomer, since the adapter only recieves the composite signal from the video card.

Note, this adapter looks identical to the Mac PowerBook G3 Series "S-Video to RCA adapter" BUT it does NOT work on the PowerBook. If you need an adapter for your G3, then click on "PowerBook G3 S-Video to RCA Adaper" below.

If you have a REALmagic card, such as the Hollywood+ or any of their OEM cards, you need this cable to watch DVD movies on your non-S-Video TV.

NOTE: Some computer manufacturers also have begun to ship computers with a 7-hole jack for "S-Video/out" - you need to make sure what type of video card you have - if you do not have a RealMagic, then consider our Pro S-Video adapter. The adapter for the RealMagic/SigmaDesigns only receives the composite signal through 2 of the pins; it does not receive the S-Video signal as the other 5 pins are not active.

This cable has a unique 7-pin configuration on one end and a female RCA connector on the other end. Click on the picture to get a close-up of this special configuration - and then use your browser's back button to return to this page.

This adapter measures 5 inches and has a Female RCA jack on the other end - this was really a weak design by Sigma since you'd have to connect another male-to-male RCA to get to your TV. The additional cable can result in signal loss.

Click below on "Hollywood S-Video and RCA" for our special cable that has the 7-pins and a male S-Video and MALE RCA connecors and it is 12 feet long.

It can be used to connect to a REALmagic Quasar DVD/MPEG-2 Playback card or other similar Sigma Designs - REALmagic OEM cards.

If your TV does not have an S-Video port, then you need this adapter to connect it to an RCA jack IF you have a Sigma Designs card that has a FEMALE 7-pin jack that mates to the above 7-pin connector.

Please note, since the adapter has a female RCA jack, you will need a male-to-male RCA cable to plug one end to the adapter's female RCA jack and to plug the other end to the RCA jack of your TV.

If your TV does not have an RCA jack, then you should consider this adpater PLUS our Video RF Modulator (see RF Modulator Kit below) - that way you can go from your Sigma card all the way to your COAXIAL only TV.

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Hollywood S-Video and RCA
Hollywood S-Video and RCA HW7-SVRCA
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