S-Video Female to BNC Female Cable

S-Video Female to BNC Female Cable
S-Video Female to BNC Female Cable
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S-Video Female to BNC Female Cable

Note: we are currently in the process of changing the connectors on this cable. If you are interested in our new version, please contact us by email.

This cable converts S-Video to Composite Video and passes the color signal. The cable features female connectors on both ends. Features:
  • Converts S-Video to Composite Video
  • Passes the color signal
  • Female S-Video connector
  • Female BNC on a 75 ohm connector
  • Length: about 4-5 inches long.

The QR Code is a link to this page that you can capture with your smartphone's camera to save and share.

Note: This cable features a 4-pin S-Video connector and not a 6-pin connector used with some security systems.

This cable is also available in the following configurations:

In addition, we have the following S-Video adapters:

If you are looking for an S-Video cable that has the brightness and color signals on two separate cables please see our S-Video Y/C Separators.

See a short, silent video of the cable below: