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VGA to Video Converter -PC2TV
VGA to Video Converter -PC2TV
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We offer you an extensive selection of "PC to TV Converters" including this version the converts the VGA signal to Composite Video and S-Video.

Enjoy PC Games and Movies with our "PC to TV" Converter. If your PC or laptop does not have a TV-out connector you can use this convertor to connect the VGA ouput of your computer to a TV. If you have a TV with Component Video inputs, then consider our "VGA to Component Video" converter below.

Note: This product uses an available USB port for power, you can select a separate wall transformer if you want to connect it to a wall power outlet. Please scroll all the way down to read the details below about our "PC to TV" Converter.

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DETAILS of "PC to TV" Converter: Our "PC to TV" Converter allows you to watch movies from your computer on a TV and VGA monitor at the same time. The converter connects to the VGA output on your computer and allows you to pass-through the VGA signal to your VGA monitor and at the same time send s-video or composite video to a television, vcr, or stand-alone dvd burner.

The unit is powered by any available USB socket on your desktop or laptop; a separate power supply is not required; your computer has to be turned-on to power the unit.

Although your computer or laptop may have an "S-Video Out" connector, this little box will allow you to use your "monitor out" (the 15 pin connector) to send the VGA signal to both a VGA or LCD monitor and to a TV at the same time. Well, what's the big deal you ask? There are many programs that can't display video through the regular "S-Video Out" connector because the video only plays on your laptop's screen and it is "black" on the secondary screen.

What's in the box?
- PC to TV Converter.
- USB Power Cable. The cable is to connect to the converter to an available USB port for power through the USB.
- Manual
- 3ft. long "Y" VGA Cable, with Male to Female and Male connectors, to connect the PC2TV to a VGA monitor. Note: this cable must be used to connect your equipment.
- Composite Video Cable with male RCA connectors, 9 ft.
- S-video cable with male 4-pin connectors, 9 ft.
- USB Power cable, 3 ft.
- PS2 Power cable, 3 ft.

- VGA output from a PC. The converter supports VGA mode up to 1024x768 resolutions.
- Television or other s-video or composite video monitor to view. You will have to set the VGA resolution to match the resolution that your TV/monitor can display - if you do not match the resolution you will get a color bar on your TV/monitor.
-DVD-Burner or VCR if you want to burn your videos. Note, burning copyrighted material is against the law, as if you did not already know that, dah.