2-Way Video and Audio Balun. Transmit S-Video or Composite Video and Stereo Audio

Video Balun with Dual Audio-Video
Video Balun with Dual Audio-Video
Item# 500003

Please note, the part number 500003 has been discontinued. It was replaced by part number 500012. See below.

This VIDEOEASE Balun provides for a cost-effective transmission of Video & Audio using CAT5 unshielded twisted pair. The product code is the # 500003 and it's also known as the IC443A or 7805C.

This VIDEOEASE Balun allows you to transmit two mono audio (or one stereo audio) and one or two composite color video signals up to 2,200 feet using standard industry CAT-5 networking cables with RJ45 connectors.

You can also transmit one "S-Video" (and two mono audio or one stereo audio signals) up to 500 feet with "CAT-5" networking cables and RJ45 connectors. To use this Balun to transmit the S-Video signal you'll need our "S-Video to TWO RCA" connector - see below.

Our baluns provide you with a cost effective method because the video is transmitted over CAT-3 or CAT-5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) instead of bulky and more expensive coaxial cable. PLUS, it's a lot easier to handle and install!

Note, the special design of this balun can also be used to transmit and receive video and mono audio - it's a "2-WAY" Video Balun.


CLASSROOM: Transmit an S-Video or Composite signal over a greater distance. For instance, you can connect our FlexCam Video Cameras that output S-Video and transmit the S-Video up to 500 feet. You can use our "S-Video to composite RCA" adapter and transmit the audio and color video up to 2,200 feet.

SECURITY: There's no cleaner and more economical way to transmit audio and video for security applications.


What is a Balun?

A Balun is a device that converts an unbalanced video signal into a balanced signal, thus allowing the data or video to be transmitted using Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable. Balun is short for "balanced/unbalanced" signals.

What is a Balanced Signal?

A balanced signal is a video signal that is transmitted over "twisted pair" cable. It is said to be "balanced" since the signal travels through both wires, thus being equally exposed to external interference. The external interference (noise) is cancelled-out by the time the signal reaches the input of a balun.

What is an unbalanced signal?

An unbalanced signal is a video signal that is transmitted only through the center core of a cable, the sheath is used for ground. Coaxial cable is an example of a cable that transmits an "unbalanced" signal.

ADVANTAGES of our balun:

-Clear Color picture

-Lower cost per connection

-Fewer cables to manage

-Quicker installation, moves & changes

-Centralized Wiring for greater control

-Neater wiring

-The baluns include Velcro for neater installations.

-Lifetime warranty

Baluns must be used in pairs, so order two by clicking on the "secure order" button and changing/updating the quantities to two.

Note: The 500003 has been discontinued and has been replaced by the 500012 that performs the same function.


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