RCA to S-Video

RCA to S-Video
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Consider our Composite to S-Video converters when going FROM a composite video source TO an S-Video destination; such as going from your VCR to an S-Video TV. See below all of the different configurations that we offer.

NOTE: If you need to connect FROM the S-Video/TV-out of your computer or other s-video device TO a regular TV, then consider our S-Video to RCA adapters.

"Composite Video to S-Video" converter. You'll find that this adapter works better than those offered by other companies with those spooky prices. Our adapters also work in color - if you need a cheap adapter that only produces a black & white signal, see our "SVHS-RCA BW" adapter below.

Comment from a customer: "I wouldn't normally say anything, but I've got to tell you that the RCA-to-S-Video coupler I bought from you is outstanding. Honestly: it makes the output from my (admittedly low-end) VCR look great. The improvement is most noticeable when viewing on-air channels that come in with some static. With the coupler the marginal channels appear essentially static-free. My wife thought I had cable installed when she saw the improvement!"

Comment from a customer in the UK: "Arrived and works perfectly. Many thanks for your rapid turnaround - and thanks from my son who can now view his Playstation in colour!!"

Consider our S-Video to RCA adapter that performs better when going from S-Video to composite video.

This converter requires no calibration and features a female RCA jack on one end and a male S-Video 4-pin mini DIN connector on the other end. To optimize the signal, try our Pro Video Cables.

Simply plug your VCR's composite video to our converter and then the converter to your A/V receiver's S-Video-in (or S-Video TV) and you've got a hassle free solution that allows you to run your entire system on S-Video.

If you have a computer that requires a 3.5mm stereo plug, then consider this adapter plus our "Pro AV" series below - that way you can make the "RCA to S-Video" connection and have the audio capabilities also.

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S-Video Male to RCA Female Convertor
Composite and S-Video Converter
Composite and S-Video Converter 74-111-604
RCA to S-Video - MF - male RCA to female S-Video RCA-SVIDEO-MF
RCA to S-Video - FF - female RCA to female S-Video RCA-SVIDEO-FF-1
RCA to S-Video Comparisons
RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio 6 ft.
RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio 6 ft. 3RCA-SVID-6
Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA
Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA PRO-SV3RCA-6
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 12 ft
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 12 ft PRO-SV3RCA-12
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 24 ft
Pro S-Video to 3 RCA 24 ft PRO-SV3RCA-24
RCA to S-Video with 6 ft  Video cable
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RCA to S-Video with 6 ft Video cable RCA-SVIDEO-6FT
RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio
RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio 3RCA-SVID-3ft
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