Product Finder for Computer to TV/VCR Connections.

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There are many different ways to connect your computer or DVD to your TV or VCR. Follow the Questions and Answers below to find your solution.

1. Does your computer have a video out jack?

1.2. Yes - continue to 1.2.1

1.2.1 Is the video-out a composite video? Composite video is usually transmitted over a yellow "RCA" a/v jack. See our Pro Video cables. Those cables are for both video and digital audio.

1.2.2. Is the video-out S-Video? S-Video is commonly transmitted using a 4 pin or a 7-pin mini DIN connector. Please continue to Does your TV have an S-Video input? See our extensive line of the best S-Video Cables and our exclusive 7-pin to S-Video adapters. Does your TV have a yellow "RCA" (phono) video jack? See our exclusive adapters at S-Video to RCA or our S-Video to 3 RCA. Does your TV have a single "RF Coax Antenna" input? An RF Coax Antenna input usually has a threaded "F-connector" jack. See our "S-Video to Coax" package or our "DVD to Coax" package. Does your TV have a European SCART connector? See our S-Video to SCART adapter.

2. Do you want to connect your computer to your VCR first and then to the TV?

2.1 Our S-Video to RCA or our S-Video to 3 RCA will do the trick if you are connecting to directly to your TV. If you want to watch a DVD from your laptop and want to connect to a VCR or TV/VCR combo, then see 2.2.

2.2 Watch DVDs from your stand-alone DVD Player or the DVD-ROM on computer or laptop by connecting to your VCR or TV/VCR combo. See our S-Video to VCR.

3. Improve the picture from your stand-alone DVD player connected to your regular TV with our Pro DVD to TV AV Cables.