Exclusive 7-pin adapter allows you to connect to your S-Video TV or to your Regular TV.

7-Pin to S-Video & RCA

This adapter/convertor allows you to connect the S-Video-out of your laptop that has a 7-pin female connector to an S-Video TV (4-pin mini DIN) or to a TV that has a standard RCA a/v (yellow) composite video jack.

It features the following connectors:

On one end of the cable:

- Male 7-pin mini DIN (that connects to your computer's 7-pin mini DIN receptacle/jack).

On the other end of the cable:

- Female 4-pin mini DIN (standard S-Video plug that connects to S-Video TV).

- Female RCA Jack to connect to the composite video-in of your TV. This is handy for those cards that output composite video also, such as some of the Hollywood Plus cards. The composite video-in on a TV is a yellow RCA jack.

You will need to purchase our separate S-Video Cables or our Video Cables to go the distance you require.

In addition to the above cable, this adapter comes with our "Female S-Video to RCA" adapter. The "Female S-Video to RCA" adapter connects to the Male 4-pin mini DIN of the above cable. The reason you'll need this adapter is that some graphics card can only output the signal through the S-Video connectors - thus you use the adapter on the S-Video plug if you do not have an S-Video TV. The reason that this cable has a separate RCA jack is that it can be used with the Dell Inspiron computers that support both S-Video and Composite Video out at the same time.

This cable can also be used with the Macintosh 660AV, 840AV, Apple Mac X100 series AV card, and the AV Options "PDS" cards to output the composite video. Our cable can be cross-referenced to their output connector (part # 590-08989 or # 922-0817. Email us if you also need the composite video input adapter cable for those cards (part # 590-0988 or # 922-0816).

This cable can also be used with the Dell Inspiron 8100 or any of the Dell desktop computers that have the nVIDIA chipset and output S-Video.

The cable measures 6 inches.

Note: Our exclusive "S-Video to RCA" convertor will also fit the 7-pin jack of your computer's S-Video-out jack. Our "S-Video to 3 RCA" includes the audio cables.

You can also send the audio from your computer with our "PC Audio Cables".

If you do not have an S-Video TV and want to output video and audio from your PC, then consider purchasing this adapter and our Pro AV with 3.5mm cable.

Note: If want to watch a DVD from your computer's DVD-Rom via the "S-Video/TV" jack do not connect to a VCR as you'll get macrosplat. The colors and brightness will fade in and out due to the macrovision copyright protection that's enabled by the VCR. Connect directly to your TV or else consider our "S-Video to VCR" solution.

If your TV only has a coaxial antenna input, then consider purchasing our video/audio RF modulator kit to connect directly to the TV's RF coaxial antenna input.

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