Connect Laptop to TV

Connect Laptop to TV
Connecting a Laptop to TV is now very easy.

How easy it is to connect your computer to your TV? It is very easy to connect a Laptop or PC to a television! Most laptops or PC can make the connection automatically once you connect to the TV. If the connection is not made automatically, we have several guides that show you how easy it is to connect your laptop/pc to a TV.

We have created PC to TV Connection Guide that shows you the different ways to connect your computer to your TV. It is as simple as matching the connectors on your laptop to the connectors on your television.

You can connect using cables or video converters, depending on the connections on the laptop and television.

The quality of the video is practically the same with the different video connections when you connect to an HDTV or LCD TV. If you can connect the laptop to the TV with cables, this is usually the most practical and economical solution, since converters are bigger and require a power source and cables. There is a slight difference in quality when connecting a laptop to a regular tube TV; however, the quality difference is not a big deal if you are just going to view pictures and movies.

The cable or converter that you get will depend on the available connections on your laptop and if you want to connect both the video and audio to the TV. The easiest way is to get a cable that matches the connector on your laptop with the connectors on your television.

Most laptops have the following connections:

S-Video. This usually on a 7-pin S-Video or a 4-pin S-Video connector. These are very common connectors on laptops and it the easiest and least expensive method of connecting a laptop to a TV. For both video and audio, please consider the following:

VGA. This is usually on a 15 pin connector. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array and it is the oldest video connector on laptops. Almost all laptops have a VGA connector; though sometimes you will need to use an adapter, such as a DisplayPort to VGA. VGA does not carry the audio signal, but you can use our PC Audio Cables. See below the different ways of connecting the VGA output from a laptop to a TV. DVI, HDMI or USB. Please see below some connection options.