S-Video Balun with Screw Terminals

S-Video Balun with Screw Terminals
S-Video Balun with Screw Terminals
Item# SV-2-ST

svideo.com brings you a wide range of video baluns including our exclusive S-Video Balun with screw terminals. Read details and see our other baluns below. This balun allows you to send the s-video signal over unshielded twisted pair (UTP), such as category 5 (CAT5) cable instead of coaxial cable.


The picture above of the svideo/screw terminal balun shows the gold s-video connector and 2 pairs of CAT5 wire connected to the four terminals. The other 2 pairs of CAT5 wires can be used to send power, video and/or audio.

This "s-video/screw terminal balun" has a male svideo connector on one end and four screw terminals on the other end. The standard length is about 5 inches long. It has the same functionality as our "S-video to RJ45 balun" (# 500016) but features screw terminals instead of an RJ45 connector, thus allowing you to utilize the other pairs and there's no need to crimp-on RJ45 connectors.

The advantages of this svideo/screw terminal balun:

- Allows you to use CAT5 cable without crimping on RJ45 connectors. No need to learn how to crimp-on RJ45 connectors or to have special tools.

- Fully compatible with the S-Video Balun (product 500016). This allows you to use a Cat5 cable that has molded RJ45 connectors on both ends, then cut-off one of the ends and connect it to the svideo/screw terminal balun, that way you can cut your cable to the exact size that you need.

- Send power, other video or audio signals along with the s-video signal over a single CAT5 cable. Our s-video/screw terminal balun only uses 4 of the 8 pairs of a CAT5 cable and it thus allows you to utilize the other 4 pairs to send power and/or analog audio, and/or digital audio on the same Cat5 cable...you just need to purchase our other baluns that also have screw terminals.

- Allows you to use a single CAT5 cable to send one s-video signal one way or two 2 s-video signals. To send one s-video signal you need one of these baluns on each end...to send 2 s-video signals you need two at each end.